Don’t Put Your Eggs all in One Basket – There’s More than One Way to a Healthy Diet and Nutrition Counseling is Key

There seems to be a bit of a turf war going on – who should you trust to give you nutrition advice? A newscaster? A doctor? A scientist? A magazine? An herbalist? A babe or some other self-proclaimed nutrition expert?  People … Continue reading

It’s Registered Dietitian Day®!

Today is Registered Dietitian’s Day®. This is a day that’s celebrated during National Nutrition Month® that highlights the work of the registered dietitian (RD) as part of the health care team and part of the food and nutrition industry. What’s … Continue reading

Diets Come and Diets Go: What’s the Magic Bullet? You.

Oh how things have changed. Or have they? When it comes to the field of nutrition, we are fortunate to have extensive research performed over the past two decades that makes a good case for diet’s relationship to disease. Heart … Continue reading