You Can Lead a Horse to Water But…

The new school lunch regulations have been reported this week as a “fix” for the poor eating habits of our children, but will it work? I’m a fan of the school lunch program, and feel it serves two purposes: 1) … Continue reading

Spinning the Truth: Dietary components are more gray than black and white.

It’s full-swing political season, and most people are familiar with the idea of “spin”. Well, this happens in health research too. A recent review on the topic determined that when spin is used in the study’s press release, it carries … Continue reading

Calories, Genes and Choices: No Need to Monkey Around, Just Eat Well

A recent study revealed that after 25 years, two groups of monkeys showed little difference in longevity, despite being fed more or less calories. The study involved about 120 rhesus monkeys. One group of monkeys were fed 30% less calories … Continue reading