American Diabetes Month – Get the Facts

November is American Diabetes Month. I often preach “all foods in moderation”. This can be a very subjective command, as many folks have a difficult time defining what exactly ‘moderation’ means. If you have diabetes, you should understand that portion … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Favorites to Keep You Happy and Healthy

Many people get anxious about weight gain over the holiday season, fearing that their eating habits may spiral out of control. I want you to enjoy the upcoming season, so I’ll be sharing some tips over the next few months. … Continue reading

Hot off the Press: Belly Fat Book is Easy and Sensible

My colleague, Erin Palinski-Wade, just authored a new book in the For Dummies series: Belly Fat Diet For Dummies®. As a registered dietitian, she’s not just knowledgeable about food and nutrition but she’s also not going to sell you a … Continue reading