Exercise for Blood Pressure and Weight Loss – Make is Doable

Regular exercise is an important healthy lifestyle goal. The problem for most people is consistency. Some may embark on a difficult, intense exercise regime and then either get too sore, tired, or overwhelmed by it, and quit. Setting smaller goals … Continue reading

Re-Cap of the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 80th Annual Meeting and Exhibition

I was a Nutrition Consultant to the Corn Refiner’s Association when this posted, but my opinions are my own.    I attended the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association’s (PADA) 80th Annual Meeting in April. The annual meeting is a great opportunity to … Continue reading

Smaller Portions = Less Sodium, Less Fat, Less Calories

As a fan of the DASH diet principles, I’m always checking out sodium content of foods and looking for ways to help my client reduce their daily sodium intake. In many cases, folks with high blood pressure who are overweight, … Continue reading