Superbowl Sunday! Add some healthy snacks to your party with these easy recipe ideas

My team isn’t in the game this year, but I’d have to say I’m cheering for the Broncos (sorry Seattle). Superbowl Sunday is a party waiting to happen for most folks, whether they are football fanatics or not. Heck, I’m looking forward to the Arnold commercials, and all of the others!

As you go grocery shopping for your party goods this week, consider adding some healthier ingredients to your cart. Don’t be sucked in by the typical fare that will be lined up in prime zones (aisle end-caps, front of produce and deli department, at the front entrance) at the market with the intention of enticing you to put it into your cart [Typical fare = wings, chips, meat and cheese trays]. Instead, create your own healthy and delicious, crowd-pleasing menu! For instance:


Whole grain Tortilla Chips with fresh salsas and layered dip

Carrot and Celery Sticks

Sweet Potato canapes

Fruit Kabobs

Bar Cookies

You can try this recipe, or top those sweet potatoes with just about anything. What a great nutrient-packed alternative to a cracker!

Another idea – use premade pizza shells (such as Thin Crust Boboli, or check your local bakery for a whole wheat crust) to top with something different! Last week I caramelized some onions, added some frozen butternut squash (you can buy this frozen in cubes in freezer section. Mine was frozen from our summer garden). I topped the shells with a few tablespoons of pesto, the onion-squash mixture, some sliced cooked chicken sausage, and some grated Fontina cheese. Yum. You can cut the whole round into small squares for a party.

Try this caramelized onion-Butternut squash pizza. Or top with light cream cheese spread, cooked chicken breast chunks, hot buffalo sauce, and shredded reduced fat cheddar cheese.

Keep in mind, that as you plan a menu, feel free to include one tried and true (maybe-even-not-the-healthiest) recipe, but add veggies and some fruit to the spread. If you don’t want to bother with kabobs, just wash some strawberries and grapes and put them into a bowl, and on the table in front of the TV. I promise they will get picked on throughout the game! Eating your veggies doesn’t mean you skip dessert however, so treat yourself to some homemade brownies, or chocolate covered strawberries.

Use these 3 tips as you modify some of your old recipes:

  • Using light sour cream, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, low fat cream cheese, or reduced fat shredded cheese, can lighten up your favorite party recipes
  • Include one high fat food to enjoy, and balance it out with fruit, vegetables, and a lower fat dip or dish (load those nachos with veggies!).
  • Add more beans to dips, stews, chilis, toppings. Beans are loaded with fiber and B vitamins.

Finally – Dude, don’t gorge yourself! Slow down.Tomorrow is another day of healthy eating.



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