Podcasts Worth a Listen

Several of my colleagues have been putting together podcasts to help consumers understand topics revolving around diet, food, and lifestyles. Podcasts are a great media choice to deliver information in a light, personal, and informal way. As podcasts become more … Continue reading

Understanding Diabetes and Diet: Start now

Diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes has exploded over the past few years. The growing diagnosis in children is particularly of concern. Despite the multitude of sound resources available online, newly diagnosed people with diabetes, or parents of children diagnosed with … Continue reading

How to Keep the Focus on Health and a Healthy Diet in the New Year

In the past, the biggest health question was “Which diet is best?” Now, in the new year, it seems that the public, and even the science community, is looking for that one magic ingredient that causes our ailments. Is it … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Favorites to Keep You Happy and Healthy

Many people get anxious about weight gain over the holiday season, fearing that their eating habits may spiral out of control. I want you to enjoy the upcoming season, so I’ll be sharing some tips over the next few months. … Continue reading