How-to Guide for Dietitians: Review the Science

Nutrition is a tricky business. Everyone eats, and everyone has an opinion about what the best diet is, or which foods or beverages you should or shouldn’t eat. On top of this there’s the dietary supplement market – a multimillion … Continue reading

Poorly Designed Studies: Association is not Cause

It’s just my nature to question things. Almost every single day you may read a health-related headline. Often times the headline may correlate a diet, food or ingredient to a health issue. But you may not realize that it’s a correlation, since … Continue reading

Spinning the Truth: Dietary components are more gray than black and white.

It’s full-swing political season, and most people are familiar with the idea of “spin”. Well, this happens in health research too. A recent review on the topic determined that when spin is used in the study’s press release, it carries … Continue reading